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League Champions

From the beginning of the season the Girls Varsity Volleyball team knew they were going to get far in the league. The girls were aiming to make it into play offs. “I had confidence in my team and I knew if we worked together and used all our skills to work as a family we

Finding A Balance

Senior, Celis Lopez did not know anything about volleyball when she first tried out in fifth grade. At the time, one of her friends asked her if they can both try out for the volleyball team together. “I couldn’t even get an underhand server over the net,” said Lopez. “I did not make the team,

Spiking With The Lady Valiants

In their white and blue uniforms on Thursday afternoon, St. Genevieve’s all girl’s volleyball team fought for their pride over the gym floors. With both teams, Lady Valiants and Providence, at either side of the net, the Lady Valiants fought with determination mixed with the competitive vibe. Tensions rose. The game started off as any

Time Flies

Looking back from my freshman year, I believe that I have changed because I took up a lot of opportunities that I never had before. Being welcomed as a freshman was kind of nerve wrecking because it is when you’re in a new school with new people that you probably never met.

Why are Some Sports More Popular Than Others?

During The Fall season, the three sports that are in action are girls volleyball, cross country, and football. After asking several students, “If you are able to put the fall sports from most important/popular in this school, what would it be?” they answered either “football, girls volleyball, then cross country” or ” football, cross country, then girls volleyball.”

All Winter Sports Teams Make it Into Playoffs!

Saint Genevieve has a great athletic program and includes a variety of sports. All sports teams so far have made it off into the first round of playoffs. But only a small number have made it into the second round.

Spring Sports

Spring time is one of the busiest times for sport athletes. Having a total of four teams competing during the spring is the most any season has. The four sports are: Baseball, Softball, Boys Volleyball, and Track & Field.

Update on the Lady Valiant’s 2011-2012 Volleyball Season

The Lady Valiant’s volleyball team have been doing a great job so far. Junior Varsity has an undefeated streak of 27 wins and the varsity has a league record of 3 wins and 3 losses.

The Faculty and Alumni take on the Lady Valiants!

Last friday, the faculty took on the Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball team who have an undefeated streak of 20-0. They were originally going to play first 2 sets in 3, but since there was remaining time, they played 4 sets instead