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Survival Guide: SGHS

Throughout the years, you get to learn tips and tricks that will make your life easier and, in the end, more fun. By having some sort of knowledge going throughout the years, you will find that school, especially in SGHS, is really easy. Here is some guidelines that will help you cope with the various changes in your life and will hopefully make the transitions easier.

SAT: Tips

With SATs right around the corner, now would be the perfect time to learn about some tips on how to improve scores and what to do on the actual day of your exam. Here are some helpful hints on what exactly to do:

Surviving Finals Week

With finals week right around the corner, here are some tips to relieve the stress and more importantly help you conquer the horrible beasts known as finals.

How To Scare Your Neighbors

Halloween is here once again and with that comes one more chance to frighten those whoever crosses your path.

How to Survive Monday Mornings

After a long awaited weekend comes to an end, preparation is key to surviving the dreadful Monday morning. First thing is to try to do all the homework that is do on Monday, before Monday. However, there are many different things to do for a successful Monday.