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Teacher Prom Stories

With the school year coming to an end and in the midst of the seniors’ near departure, Prom season was already here. With the usual dresses, tuxedos, and corsages including limos, it was what the seniors were anticipating. Many asked others to prom, some were accepted but a few invitations were also rejected. However, have

The Apple Takeover

The iPad experience in classrooms blends online and face to face learning. This technology is perfect for the classroom for the reason that it not only brings ease to the student bu the teacher itself. The Apple program is a comfortable, simple, and innovative tool thus helping students work in a better learning environment.

Valiants Travel the World

  Saint Genevieve High School currently allows all of its students to partake in several, this year most notably two, foreign language trips. For the past few years, many students, have been taking trips to places such as France, China, and Barcelona.  Although each year may present a far different tour that both the students and the

New School Detention Policy

In St. Genevieve High School, the new policy by the name of R.A.P, which was introduced the previous school year, remains in tact. According to the policy, all students must have their student identification cards on them at all times and when they happen to break a rule in the Student Handbook, the teacher is allowed to take the I.D. so that in return, the student should receive a detention.

New Teachers at St. Gens

Nicole Ellis, Sandra Segovia, Michelle Hunter and Nancy Rincon are part of the new members of the St. Genevieve High School Community. They all teach various subjects and are excited to teach in a very welcoming community. Nicole Ellis teaches AP Physics and both regular and honors chemistry. She decided to come teach at St.

The Interviews to Remember: Incoming Freshmen

Last Saturday the interviews for the next incoming freshmen took place. Many students from the Associated Student Body of St. Genevieve High School and others along with many faculty members arrived at school ready to evaluate the many kids interested in joining this Valiant family.

About nearly a hundred students from different middle schools came and were interviewed. Many were respectful and well-rounded. Compared to years prior back, many were dressed sharp, neat, and very formal. Nonetheless, an outfit and your appearance doesn’t fully or at all sum up what they can offer if accepted into this high school.