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Scholars Among Us

Kiana Archey, reporter for The Silver Script This coming summer is going to be more than just a vacation from school for three juniors who have exhibited academic excellence.Current juniors, Jordan Blackman, Frank Feng, and Kayleah Kellybrew, have all been accepted into summer programs from three different universities. The programs will give the students opportunities

Samantha Knecht: Running Like a Champion

Why be good when great is an option? That’s certainly a question you don’t need to ask Samantha Knecht, a cross-country star that strives for greatness each day, each practice, each competition. To Knecht, the easiest way to train is by treating everything like a competition because all she wants to do is win, and

Caffeine: What keeps you up and running on a regular day

Coffee is what helps to keep you up on a regular day. Coffee tastes good and it keeps you up when you drink enough. There is also other energy drinks that contain caffeine and sugar such as: monster, red bull, and soda. Some students at our high school drink these in the morning or during school in order to stay up. Most of the teachers are the ones who drink coffee in the mornings, especially during in class as well!

Cookie Outbreak!

Cookies, one delicate baked good that constantly brings smiles to people’s faces. Almost everyone loves cookies! In our school’s cafe, there is a huge amount of people that love their cookies. A reason why they loved them so much was the fact that the container that they were previously in, allowed a person to pick and choose the cookie he or she wants, since each person has their preference on what type of cookie they like. Recently,the cafe has stirred some resentment as they changed the cookie container and the way the cookies are served.

The Apple Takeover

The iPad experience in classrooms blends online and face to face learning. This technology is perfect for the classroom for the reason that it not only brings ease to the student bu the teacher itself. The Apple program is a comfortable, simple, and innovative tool thus helping students work in a better learning environment.

Valiants Travel the World

  Saint Genevieve High School currently allows all of its students to partake in several, this year most notably two, foreign language trips. For the past few years, many students, have been taking trips to places such as France, China, and Barcelona.  Although each year may present a far different tour that both the students and the

Helping Students Grow Through Speakers

A National School of Character is what Saint Genevieve is well known for. Saint Genevieve’s speaker series, also known as Character Formation, is to help students find out who they are and to help them develop into a mature person. Not a lot of private high schools have night schools, but Saint Genevieve likes to be the one that stands out of the crowd in a unique way.

Opinions on “Occupy Wall Street”

The latest protest group to arise during our economic crisis, has done so in a relatively short fashion, thanks to the internet and its many social networking websites. As you know from the title, this group is called “Occupy Wall Street”, and their impact is quickly being recognized across the world as different “Occupy” groups have sprung

New School Detention Policy

In St. Genevieve High School, the new policy by the name of R.A.P, which was introduced the previous school year, remains in tact. According to the policy, all students must have their student identification cards on them at all times and when they happen to break a rule in the Student Handbook, the teacher is allowed to take the I.D. so that in return, the student should receive a detention.