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Samantha Knecht: Running Like a Champion

Why be good when great is an option? That’s certainly a question you don’t need to ask Samantha Knecht, a cross-country star that strives for greatness each day, each practice, each competition. To Knecht, the easiest way to train is by treating everything like a competition because all she wants to do is win, and

Stay Gold

Looking back at my four year seems like the easiest task to do yet there’s this weird lignering feeling that it won’t be as easy to summarize in a couple of sentences. I still remember the day I was trying to figure how to work out a locker lock and the old locker’s that remained scattered throughout the four halls in the school. Although I only went to Saint Genevieve for no reason other than my sister was still in elementary next door, I didn’t really have any expectations for high school other than it was going to be alright. It’s difficult to just recount how I became who I am now but here’s a shot.

Poetry Club

Every Monday during lunch break, madness, admiration, and love ensues in room 107, home of the newly born Poetry Club. Led and created by Reggie Page, the poetry club specializes in not only modern written and spoken poetry but also bringing back the classics.

Homecoming Entrance Skits

Homecoming started off with the valiants producing entrance skits based on their continent. The Juniors were up first showing their Europe themed skit, which involved the students to go through different countries of Europe. Afterwards, the seniors showed the South American continent through the peruvian and colombian culture. The sophomores went up next, portraying their

What is Homecoming?

Homecoming at our school is a bit different than other schools. At other schools they mostly only have a dance that is normally held at the end of the week as well as the football game.
Homecoming is meant to bring the school closer together in unity. As the school comes together, energy for the Homecoming football game is being stored. This year’s Homecoming fame will be on November 5th at home field. The Homecoming dance is held on Sunday at the end of homecoming week.

Final Destination 5 Movie Review

Cheating death, omens and surviving a deathly event… Final Destination’s franchise continues with its fifth installment. The film begins with a similar prologue involving a bridge collapse that leads young individuals to seek their death. However, in this sequel, Nicholas D’Agosto, who plays Sam Lawton, foretells the other survivors deaths. Although the franchise has been criticized

New Schedule Change

St. Genevieve High School is not a  place where change is only seen as a bad thing, it’s also seen as a good thing. “Change in my life” is our new theme of the year. What a new way to illustrate the change in our lives by having this new schedule that we are all

New Teachers at St. Gens

Nicole Ellis, Sandra Segovia, Michelle Hunter and Nancy Rincon are part of the new members of the St. Genevieve High School Community. They all teach various subjects and are excited to teach in a very welcoming community. Nicole Ellis teaches AP Physics and both regular and honors chemistry. She decided to come teach at St.