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Looking Back

Looking back at my four years, I believe I have made many memories. I have challenged myself through many courses and activities. I made new amazing friendships that I will carry on beyond high school. I also developed a new sense of confidence, which allowed me to not be shy, compared to my freshman year.

Are iPads taking over the world?

Technology is now becoming the most useful tool in today’s society. Individuals need technology since many countries are now advancing in an innovative atmosphere. Therefore, it is important for the upcoming generations to be highly involved with today’s technology because its advancing everyday. However, as technology grows, its important to also take caution with the

Temple Run Take Over!

Temple Run, made by Imangi Studios, LLC, is a new game application that was released for apple products on December 3, 2011. Ever since its release, the app has been given awards such as top 50 apps downloaded in December, number 1 free iOS app, and the top grossing iOS app. The question is, what makes this game so popular?

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

On January 16, 2012, we recognize Martin Luther King, Jr, a man who led the Civil Rights movement. He is an iconic man, a symbol of the American Dream. Known for his nonviolent protests, he was a national leader for the civil rights supporters. He challenged segregation and the end of racial discrimination, in order to

Speaker Series: Marty Albertson

On October 5, 2011, Marty Albertson came to speak to the Valiant community on the topic of leadership. Albertson has become a true leader and entrepreneur. He has worked his way up in Guitar Center Inc. earning various titles until achieving CEO of the company. However, behind his successful journey, he follows a simple concept

Rally For The First Home Football Game

On Saturday, the 17th of September, there will be a JV and Varsity football game at Polytechnic High School!