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Moving on to College…

Although the seniors are ready to graduate in about a week, some are sad and glad to be moving on to their next chapter in life. Many students are going to go to amazing 4-year universities, such as UC IRVINE, UCLA, USC and even Columbia University. The idea of going to college makes some students

How To Choose The Right College For You

Choosing the right college can be a difficult task that takes up a lot of time. Don’t worry, I’m going to help walk you through the steps to finally choosing the colleges you want to go to in the near future. In every choosing experience, there are certain factors that each college hold that will match to your personal preferences, ultimately appealing your choice to list that college down as one of the places you want to go in the future. These factors include things like location, education, cost, demographic, majors, and many other aspects that will be used to take into account while choosing you’re colleges.

Café Review

St. Genevieve Highschool has changed how food is provided throughout my 4 years here and this year is no exception. This year marks the first year in which the school had the luxury of having the brand new café that was built this last year. Now that we’ve had the café for a whole year now, there should be some various opinions on the café by now. The opinions range have reached both extremes from hating it to loving it, but the real question is, what should the café do to make next year’s food and the café as a whole better for the students.

Protecting Oneself Outside of School… From Creepers

“I don’t feel threatened, I mean the chances of being attacked are slim, and since I’m somewhat of a big guy, it doesn’t really bother me,” comments sophomore, Eric Bonilla.

However, the predator has had greater reports in the center of the valley. Georgraphically, this covers Panorama City, Arleta, Van Nuys, and North Hills.

Everyone can be a victim of this person however, the threat greater targets the young females not only in this school but all the school around the entire San Fernando Valley. For many students, the valley has been a home to them.

Senior, Gloria Medrano commented on this delicate topic. ” It’s scary knowing that’s someone that there is a sex predator walking around in our own backyard.”

Cookie Outbreak!

Cookies, one delicate baked good that constantly brings smiles to people’s faces. Almost everyone loves cookies! In our school’s cafe, there is a huge amount of people that love their cookies. A reason why they loved them so much was the fact that the container that they were previously in, allowed a person to pick and choose the cookie he or she wants, since each person has their preference on what type of cookie they like. Recently,the cafe has stirred some resentment as they changed the cookie container and the way the cookies are served.

Are iPads taking over the world?

Technology is now becoming the most useful tool in today’s society. Individuals need technology since many countries are now advancing in an innovative atmosphere. Therefore, it is important for the upcoming generations to be highly involved with today’s technology because its advancing everyday. However, as technology grows, its important to also take caution with the

Poetry Club

Every Monday during lunch break, madness, admiration, and love ensues in room 107, home of the newly born Poetry Club. Led and created by Reggie Page, the poetry club specializes in not only modern written and spoken poetry but also bringing back the classics.

Academic Awards Night Poll

Many of the past Academic Awards Nights have been a huge cluster of students getting awards with little to no difference in terms of who is greater than who. With the way that the Academic Awards Night is set up, nearly three-fourths or more students of every class is brought up to receive the same reward. With that being said, there is no way of determining who is the best of the best of each class, or at least, who are really being successful in school.

Surviving Finals Week

With finals week right around the corner, here are some tips to relieve the stress and more importantly help you conquer the horrible beasts known as finals.