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Stay Gold

Looking back at my four year seems like the easiest task to do yet there’s this weird lignering feeling that it won’t be as easy to summarize in a couple of sentences. I still remember the day I was trying to figure how to work out a locker lock and the old locker’s that remained scattered throughout the four halls in the school. Although I only went to Saint Genevieve for no reason other than my sister was still in elementary next door, I didn’t really have any expectations for high school other than it was going to be alright. It’s difficult to just recount how I became who I am now but here’s a shot.

Jake Luhrs Visits Saint Genevieve High School

On March 15, Jake Luhrs, singer of Christian metal core band August Burns Red took time out of his schedule to encourage the Valiant community with words of wisdom. Jake spoke of his upbringing in a torn family and how his discovery of music totally changed his perspective on the world

Valiant Spotlight: Lorenzo Mutia

Senior Lorenzo Mutia is often known for being that quirky, kind and intelligent young man at school. However, there’s more behind Lorenzo that many don’t know. Lorenzo has been playing the trombone for four years now. He’s also quite knowledgeable with information because as a child loved investigating historical information and current events. He used to

Homecoming Mass 2011

On November 4, 2011 the traditional homecoming mass was celebrated once again. Some of the St. Genevieve High School Alumni came back to celebrate the mass with the students and community. Its purpose is to rejoice before the big homecoming game. It’s a typical event each year, which allows the students, Alumni, faculty and staff to

Homecoming Entrance Skits

Homecoming started off with the valiants producing entrance skits based on their continent. The Juniors were up first showing their Europe themed skit, which involved the students to go through different countries of Europe. Afterwards, the seniors showed the South American continent through the peruvian and colombian culture. The sophomores went up next, portraying their

Valiant Victory 4-0

On September 24, 2011 the valiants defeated Pasadena Marshall with a score of 49-6. This victory leaves the varsity team with a 4-0 lead in their season. Junior Mark Chin had two touchdowns, Junior Anthony Blue ran for a touchdown and Senior J.P. Martin had one touchdown as well. Both sophomore Josh Fuglsang and senior Joseph Parsons had one interception.