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Hotel Transylvania 2

     Hotel Transylvania 2 brought tears of laughter in theaters ever since it premiered on September 25. With many high expectations, this movie was equally funny as the first one.      Since opening, Hotel Transylvania had only welcomed monsters through their doors. However, in its second installment, the story follows the hotel welcoming

Album Reviews: Port of Morrow – The Shins

Port of Morrow, the fourth studio album released by American indie rock outfit, The Shins, takes a new direction to the band’s prior flashy and more experimental approach in music as they lay down a more mellow, laid back album filled with the usual pop rock melodic tones and signature Shins feel that fans have fell in love with since their debut album Oh, Inverted World.

Movie Review: Killer Elite

Killer Elite is a star packed action film filled vast amount of action, gore, drama, and suspense! This movie focuses on a man named Danny, Jason Statham, who is a retired elite assassin from Britain who is forced to save his comrade, Hunter, Robert De Niro, from a Middle Eastern agency because they are keeping him hostage for a job needed to take place as revenge for the death of the leader’s three sons. Danny has to do all of their bidding just to free his comrade, but the assassinations he is assigned is integrated with the Special Air Service of Britain, the SAS, thus making Danny’s job worse because he has to assassinate the killers of the sons, but also take care of a professional British killing organization.

Movie Review: Drive

Drive is a movie about a stunt driver who works at a garage shop, but also works as an actual driver for criminals who helps them escape from a crime they have done. The Driver, Ryan Gosling, who really doesn’t have a name in the movie other than driver, eventually finds himself deeply connected to this one crime that involves his new neighbors who he has come to love. This happens because his neighbors, which consist of a wife, a kid, and a criminal husband, get into trouble because the ex-con husband owes debt to some sort of a mob, and since Driver cares a lot about that family, he put it upon himself to end all of it.

DVD Review “Hanna”

“Hanna” is a movie about a young 16 year old girl living in Russia who was raised her whole life to be the ultimate soldier. This movie provides an interesting plot line, a good amount of action, but also a vast amount of suspense. Besides all these aspects, if you love a movie that has a fairy tale feel with action associated with it, then you should watch this movie.