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Hotel Transylvania 2

     Hotel Transylvania 2 brought tears of laughter in theaters ever since it premiered on September 25. With many high expectations, this movie was equally funny as the first one.      Since opening, Hotel Transylvania had only welcomed monsters through their doors. However, in its second installment, the story follows the hotel welcoming

A Haunting in the Hallways of SG

For years, there have been rumors of ghosts and paranormal incidents in the upstairs corridors of Saint Genevieve High School. Rumors include a Priest having a heart attack next to the left staircase, a little girl falling out of Mr. Corbett’s current classroom, the pitter patter of bare feet, and seeing dark figures during the

DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Christalle Cid, Reporter for the Silver Script Napoleon from Napoleon Dynamite (2004) Items Needed: Light Fabric Transfers/Transfer paper A computer Printer Iron Ironing Board Plain White T-Shirt Scissors Computer/White Printing Paper (for practice) STEPS: *Directions from here onward may be different depending on what brand of transfer paper you use* Items Needed for the rest

How To Scare Your Neighbors

Halloween is here once again and with that comes one more chance to frighten those whoever crosses your path.

What is Homecoming?

Homecoming at our school is a bit different than other schools. At other schools they mostly only have a dance that is normally held at the end of the week as well as the football game.
Homecoming is meant to bring the school closer together in unity. As the school comes together, energy for the Homecoming football game is being stored. This year’s Homecoming fame will be on November 5th at home field. The Homecoming dance is held on Sunday at the end of homecoming week.

Halloween Costume Ideas 2011

Although for some, Halloween is a falling holiday, for others, it is still a highly enjoyed event that they still participate in with full involvement. Although we have the very usual, almost, traditional costume ideas, there are some new costumes this year.