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DIY Gifts for Valentine’s Day

You could make cookies like everyone else in the world on Valentines day or you could  make a Heart [Candy] Eating Golden Dinosaur!   Step 1: Get a dinosaur (preferably T-Rex) and hearts to place on a matt.   Step 2: Get primer and spray the entire model.  Step 3:  Let it dry for 5 to

Gifts for Her

It may seem difficult to figure out what might be the perfect gift for a special someone for Valentine’s Day. But it really may not be that difficult. You can buy her a special box of chocolates, or Mrs. Fields cookies, a teddy bear, or even some balloons and a bouquet of flowers.

Don’t know what kind of gift to give to a girl for Christmas?

If you have a low budget, then gifts such as body lotions, sprays, and accessories may be a great idea to give to a girl. Many women love these small essentials. You don’t just need to wrap one of these as a gift, but instead you can mix and match these cheap essentials together as one.

Perfect Gift Every-time (For dudes)

It’s that time again and the Holiday rush once again slowly lurks into our everyday lives. Besides the food rush or what house to go to during the holiday, one question that is always present in the “most wonderful time of the year” is “what presents should I get?”

Gift Ideas For Your Parents

Are you having a difficult time figuring out what to buy your parents for Christmas? Well, no need to stress out anymore the Journalism class has some great ideas for both your mom and dad! Mom ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,…….,,, Dad • Pajamas