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Spring Break

Don’t know what to do for spring break? School s out and there isn’t much time left before summer vacation arrives. Here are a few activities for spring break that can help alleviate the pressure school can give.

Shhh… Movie Time

The results are in! The movie that will get its screening at SGHS movie night is “White Chicks.”

Homecoming Dance

The theme of this year’s dance was “Red Carpet Romance.” The dance was held at the Hilton in Woodland Hills California. Taking your first step into the room was a red carpet so that you may feel like a celebrity on a red carpet.

Homecoming Entrance Skits

Homecoming started off with the valiants producing entrance skits based on their continent. The Juniors were up first showing their Europe themed skit, which involved the students to go through different countries of Europe. Afterwards, the seniors showed the South American continent through the peruvian and colombian culture. The sophomores went up next, portraying their

Movie Review: Real Steel

Real Steel is a fictional film based on a futuristic setting were “Transformers” meets “Rocky.” Hugh Jackman stars as Charlie Kenton, who was a boxer but lost his title and career when robots took over the ring. Charlie now works as a promoter, putting bots together with the help of Bailey Tallet (Evangeline Lilly) in

Movie Review: Straw Dogs

David Sumner, played by James Marsden is a Hollywood screenwriter and his wife Amy Sumner (Kate Bosworth), who’s an actress, go back to her hometown to settle in her father’s home. It takes place in the South and in a town were everyone’s traditional. However, don’t be deceived by the wholesome nature of this community.

Strike it’s the Bowling Club

St. Genevieve High School is filled with several opportunities in which you are able to experience new things such as joining the bowling club. The St. Genevieve High School bowling club has been part of this school for about two years now. The bowling club moderators are Mr. Anderson and Mr. Hisel. The bowling club meets every Wednesday at Brunswick Matador Bowl in Nordoff and Balboa from four p.m to six p.m.

Mr. Bailey’s Family Homeroom

Meeting everyday for the first week of school consisted not only preparing for the Hollywood Bowl trip, but to also bond with each other in order to create a comfortable environment, a family.

Final Destination 5 Movie Review

Cheating death, omens and surviving a deathly event… Final Destination’s franchise continues with its fifth installment. The film begins with a similar prologue involving a bridge collapse that leads young individuals to seek their death. However, in this sequel, Nicholas D’Agosto, who plays Sam Lawton, foretells the other survivors deaths. Although the franchise has been criticized