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Moving on to College…

Although the seniors are ready to graduate in about a week, some are sad and glad to be moving on to their next chapter in life. Many students are going to go to amazing 4-year universities, such as UC IRVINE, UCLA, USC and even Columbia University. The idea of going to college makes some students

Looking Back

Looking back at my four years, I believe I have made many memories. I have challenged myself through many courses and activities. I made new amazing friendships that I will carry on beyond high school. I also developed a new sense of confidence, which allowed me to not be shy, compared to my freshman year.

Pensive Recollections

So it has come to this. I am graduating. There is not much else to say about it. Some in my class have taken to be raucous and revel in the idea that their high school lives are over, some plainly do not care. I do not know where I fit in. All I can say is

High School in a Thousand Words.

A huge tip is to enjoys the little things in life. This year, I hung out with my friends almost every Friday after school. Sometimes we play basketball at chase, go watch the basketball games at school, or simply enjoy the afternoon by doing nothing. It may seem as a waste of time but the way I see it, they are memories that I will hold. Just having the company of one another, knowing that we are not going to see each other on a daily basis anymore, makes the present that much more greater

Homecoming Entrance Skit

The first Homecoming activity to start the amazing week was none other than the Entrance skits performed by each class in the gymnasium. To kick off the performances, the  Junior class gave the crowd a tour of Europe with their elegant props and great charisma from start to finish. Next, the Seniors gave the crowd a little taste of what

Freshman ASB Elections

ASB. The student counsel of Saint Gens High School. One of the most exciting groups to be involved in. The group that organizes many of the social events that are held at school by the students. One of the biggest events is Homecoming.

With the addition of our new members of our family, we have to have the Freshman ASB members in order to have success this year. With the Freshman quickly stepping to the plate, there is no worries that this year will be a great year.

Freshman Overnight Retreat

Saturday afternoons. The last place anyone would think to be is school. However, this is why Saint Gens is different than all the other schools. Making it only the second day of high school for the Freshman boys, their retreat was something special. At around four o’clock in the afternoon, the new Valiants started to