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New Year New Team

Braxton Taylor Reporter for The Silver Script The football team has seen major changes since last season as coach Parra tries to change SG football from just a football team into a family. Though the season just started, the team has shown many changes on and off the field. “ The leadership has changed and

Homecoming Game

  On October 24, 2015 the Valiants had their biggest battle yet against Saint Monica and their efforts paid off and kept them in the lead for most of the game but in the end they did not prevail. With a few seconds off the clock, Saint Genevieve made a touchdown in the first quarter but

Football and Cheer Banquet

Junior Varsity and Varsity football players and cheerleaders gathered in Madonna Hall with their parents and coaches to commemorate and congratulate them on a good football season on December 12th. Other than just eating and having a good time with friends, the night also had an award ceremony. Awards were handed out on both the

Playoffs with the Valiants

Cheers were shouted and teams were rooted for as the night went on and as the abundance of penalty flags were thrown. On Friday, November 14th the St. Genevieve Valiants and the Santa Paula Cardinals went head to head in their first playoff game of the 2014 school year. Both teams brought their A game

Meet The New Varsity Quarterback

Waking up early, going to school, then practice is just half of a day in the life of Jesse Camacho. He is a junior at Saint Genevieve High School. Other than just being a student at the school, Jesse is the starting quarterback on n the Valiants Varsity football team. Jesse played pop warner football

A Valiant Varsity Football Player with Dedication

Senior Nicholas Barragan didn’t really play football until after his sophomore year at Saint Genevieve High School. His inspiration for playing football came from his older brother. “I grew up watching my older brother play football and I saw how much fun he had with his friends and stuff like that, so I wanted to

Nick Barragan: Success Takes Focus

It’s 1:30 PM on a hot summer afternoon and students are in a rush to get home. However, senior Nick Barragan and his fellow teammates stay behind to practice for the fast approaching football season. While he thinks of Mr. Taner Gulsoy’s pre-calculus homework assigned to him that very day and how long it’s going

Dyeing Love For The Game

Nicholas Barragan Reporter for the Silver Script “Looking back at that day, I remember going to target with my mom to buy the hair dye,” said Valiant football player Kristian Galindo. “She kept giving me a strange look because she couldn’t believe I was doing this, but she finally grasped the idea because she saw

Sean Blunt: An Extraordinary Coach and Friend

Nicholas Barragan Reporter for the Silver Script On August 11, 2014, coach Sean Blunt passed away due to Colon Cancer. Coach Sean Blunt passed away inside his home in San Fernando, California. The funeral in honor of coach Sean Blunt took place August 22, 2014. Many of his close friends, co-workers, family, and former players