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Earth Day Swap

On April 19, 2012 students participated in the annual Earth Day event where different family homerooms provide an activity to help the environment. Each family homeroom created an idea to help the earth. In Ms. Roche’s and Mr. Andersons family homeroom, students were asked to bring their used toys, clothes, video games, books, and other

Ms. Unicorn Homeroom

On the evening of August 5 in Los Angeles, California, Saint Genevieve High School was preparing to attend their annual Hollywood Bowl trip. This year’s the event held in the Hollywood Bowl was a live, bustling reenactment of the play Hairspray with Marissa Janet Winokur as Tracy Turnblad and Nick Jonas as Link Larkin, along with many other big names such as John Stamos and Drew Carey.

My family homeroom, Miss Unicorns, along with all other family homerooms were given only 4 days, set up as 45 minute class at the end of the day, to prepare for the event.

Roche’s Rebels At The Hollywood Bowl

On August 5, Ms. Roche’s family homeroom attended the traditional Hollywood Bowl event to watch the Tony Award winning musical, Hairspray. Most students were excited to see the brilliant cast, which included John Stamos, Nick Jonas, Drew Carey and Marissa Jaret Winokur. In preparing for this special occasion, our family homeroom had four days to

Harris and Gulsoy @ the Bowl

Everything had begun with two separate teacher’s and their students combining to create, one family or a family homeroom. Attendance was the first thing to take place and then it was turn for the Seniors, to show their leadership skills. Questions were asked concerning what food would be taken to the Hollywood Bowl picnic, as well as which

Castro/Lecomte @ The Bowl

The experience started out at the beginning of the week ,where particularly, Ms. Castro and Ms. Lecomte’s Family Homeroom had to cooperate to  make preparations for their experience to Boogie Wonderland. Each class was designated certain items to bring, such as utensils, beverages, snacks an desserts, and food. However, difficulties were faced when others failed to comply to