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Hollywood Bowl 2010 Experience: Earth Wind and Fire

On September 3rd, 2010, St. Genevieve students and teachers went on their annual trip to the Hollywood Bowl. This year, the school of character attended an Earth Wind and Fire concert. The concert began with an orchestrated piece by the Bowl’s own orchestra. Conducted by Thomas Wilkins, the few musical scores they played set the

Castro/Lecomte @ The Bowl

The experience started out at the beginning of the week ,where particularly, Ms. Castro and Ms. Lecomte’s Family Homeroom had to cooperate to  make preparations for their experience to Boogie Wonderland. Each class was designated certain items to bring, such as utensils, beverages, snacks an desserts, and food. However, difficulties were faced when others failed to comply to

Sable/Bailey @ The Bowl

Every school year, St. Genevieve High School splits its classes into Family Homerooms that plan to travel to the Hollywood Bowl. The Hollywood Bowl is a large modern amphitheater that hosts a variety of musical performances. I was apart of Ms. Sable and Mr. Baileys family homeroom.

First off, Mr. Bailey introduced us to the reason behind the Hollywood Bowl trip. Mr. Bailey took a trip with some students to a small theater where a play was to be performed, but the rowdy behavior of the students caused the actors to stop in mid performance. The Hollywood Bowl is a chance for St. Genevieve High School students to focus on good behavior and to enjoy the shows.

Roche/Anderson @ the Bowl

Valiants celebrate going back to school with their annual trip to the Hollywood Bowl. On September 3, 2010, the students, faculty and staff of St. Genevieve High School traveled to Hollywood, California to watch and marvel at the musical talent that is Earth, Wind & Fire. To prepare for such an event, students and teachers

Upcoming Events

Friday September 3rd, St. Genevieve’s student and faculty will be attending Earth, Wind, and Fire at the Hollywood Bowl. Every year St. Genevieve attends a certain show at the Hollywood bowl and this year the students seem to be excited. “I’m pretty stoked to see Earth, Wind, and Fire. I always have fun at the