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Eat, Sleep, Run

Running for life doesn’t always have to be associated with erratic occurrences. For some, it could just be for leisure pursuits or following someone’s footsteps. Meanwhile, for the track team’s Zantos Vazquez, it’s neither of these things. He was simply inspired and went for it. Along with his energy and focus, he doesn’t fail at

Samantha Knecht: Running Like a Champion

Why be good when great is an option? That’s certainly a question you don’t need to ask Samantha Knecht, a cross-country star that strives for greatness each day, each practice, each competition. To Knecht, the easiest way to train is by treating everything like a competition because all she wants to do is win, and

On the Right Track

The members of the Cross Country team at St. Genevieve High School run laps around the school in preparation for their meets this season. Some are jogging, while some are intensely running to beat their time. But a girl with jet black hair in glasses sits on the lunch tables as she watched the team

Sprinting to The Goal

Running, is one of the best exercises for anyone, and it’s a great way to get to a destination faster; but for others it’s a sport. Nate Simbana, a junior in high school, is on the Cross Country team, and is one of many who find the sport exhilarating and enjoyable. “I joined the team

Why are Some Sports More Popular Than Others?

During The Fall season, the three sports that are in action are girls volleyball, cross country, and football. After asking several students, “If you are able to put the fall sports from most important/popular in this school, what would it be?” they answered either “football, girls volleyball, then cross country” or ” football, cross country, then girls volleyball.”

All Winter Sports Teams Make it Into Playoffs!

Saint Genevieve has a great athletic program and includes a variety of sports. All sports teams so far have made it off into the first round of playoffs. But only a small number have made it into the second round.

Valiant XC at Holydale Park

The Cross Country team had their first meet on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at Holydale Park, in the city of Downey.

The boys varsity team ran an extra .8 miles resulting in a 3.8 mile race when the race is only suppose to be a 3 mile race. The top three for this race were, Roy Gonzalez, Israel Gudino, and Antonio Cornejo. The team ended up in forth overall.

Running, or is it something better?

Shoes, determination, will, and spandex. These are some key elements that are needed to be successful in one of the toughest sports St. Genevieve High School has to offer. With only about twenty-five runners at the beginning of the season, it seemed, once again, like one of those years. However, it was a better turnout