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Top 10 Hardest Colleges to Get Into

When it comes time to look at colleges or apply many of us wonder, “Would I have a good chance of getting into this college?” You also may wonder what the most challenging institutions to get into are. Listed below are some of the top ten most difficult colleges to get into. Some of the

Moving on to College…

Although the seniors are ready to graduate in about a week, some are sad and glad to be moving on to their next chapter in life. Many students are going to go to amazing 4-year universities, such as UC IRVINE, UCLA, USC and even Columbia University. The idea of going to college makes some students


Although seniors will be graduating next week, it will be a bittersweet moment for everyone. However, college is near and many students are excited to be moving on. Students have been accepted to numerous colleges, such as UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, Columbia University, USC, UC Irvine, UC Merced, Loyola Marymount, UC Davis, UC Berkley, UC

How to Prepare for Dorm Life?

Transitioning from high school to college is a huge step in one’s life. Living in a new environment can be a huge adjustment. For freshmen this will be the very first time living away from home. Living in dorms leads to new experiences, new friends, new habits, and a brand new lifestyle. Dorm life consists of you finally being on your own. No one will be on your case for staying up late, no one will be on your case for not doing your homework, and most important your family will no longer watching over you.

Survival Guide: SGHS

Throughout the years, you get to learn tips and tricks that will make your life easier and, in the end, more fun. By having some sort of knowledge going throughout the years, you will find that school, especially in SGHS, is really easy. Here is some guidelines that will help you cope with the various changes in your life and will hopefully make the transitions easier.

Spring Break

Don’t know what to do for spring break? School s out and there isn’t much time left before summer vacation arrives. Here are a few activities for spring break that can help alleviate the pressure school can give.

Athletics After High School

High school is a great transition in an athlete’s life because it gives that person the opportunity to show off his or her skills at a public view. It is the time where stars shine, make history, and leave a lasting impression on their high school. The question is, what usually happens to those high school stars after they graduate?

Dear Vee, My PSAT Scores Were Horrible

As discouraging as it may be to have seen such low scores, there is still hope. You are a junior and still have time to improve your scores before you take the SAT. At this time there are a lot of SAT prep courses going on in the area. First and foremost, this spring in the high school classes to prepare you for this test will be taking place.

Preparing for College

It’s application season! With deadlines everywhere for a variety of college applications, it isn’t difficult to lose track of time. But this can be avoided throug simple steps towards organization. You should already be preparing for college academically. Earning good grades and developing study skills are vital. Also, readying yourself for the standardized test is just as