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Why are Some Sports More Popular Than Others?

During The Fall season, the three sports that are in action are girls volleyball, cross country, and football. After asking several students, “If you are able to put the fall sports from most important/popular in this school, what would it be?” they answered either “football, girls volleyball, then cross country” or ” football, cross country, then girls volleyball.”

Soccer Update Varsity

The Girls Varsity have been on a roll! They have been winning consistently for the past few games.

To start of they won against their cross town rival, the Guards. A game that is always interesting for the Valiant community. Never, do we want to lose against the cross town rivals.

Spring Sports

Spring time is one of the busiest times for sport athletes. Having a total of four teams competing during the spring is the most any season has. The four sports are: Baseball, Softball, Boys Volleyball, and Track & Field.

Varsity Boy’s Basketball Results

On Monday January 9, 2012, The Valiant’s Boys Varsity Basketball team played against Valley Torah High School at our home gym. From the beginning, the Valiants swept the competition ending the first quarter with a score of 29-3, with St. Gens leading. In the Second quarter, Valley Torah was able to respond finishing the the quarter by scoring 24 points overall. However, the Valiants remained dominate throughout the entire battle. The Valley Torah Wolfpack came up short to the Valiants ending the game with a score of 73-49. Linwood Foy ended the game with 25 points and eleven rebounds. Mark Chin contributed with 13 points and 3 rebounds.

Boys Varsity Basketball: Tournament Results

The boys basketball team went into this tournament with great amounts of excitement as they kick off their season at Providence High School attending the Annual Paul Sutton Tip-Off tournament.

Junior Varsity Game Cancelled, While Varsity Team Does Justice On First League Game

St. Genevieve High School played against Verbum Dei High School in an all out battle of athletic ability in their first League game of the season.

On January 12th, the boys basketball teams, excluding their respective freshmen team, were scheduled to play on that evening.

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Fresh Female Football

Among the majority of St. Genevieve High school’s freshmen class are, as usual, the standard brand new, youthful minds. In this new stage of high school, they are to progress and mature as students and beings with different aspirations.

Some goals differ in regards from social status, inner spirituality, academics, and sports. Two freshmen students in particular gratifying athletic ambitions are Helen Estrada and Ashley Martinez.

Helen Estrada, freshmen, and Ashley Martinez, freshmen, are initially from St. Mary’s Elementary School in Palmdale, California. Their interests are more frequent among athletic activities.