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The New Minority

In the summer of 2012, four talented friends thought it would be an awesome idea to bring their musical talents together and start a band. Ferdinand Malinao, Kristian Borja, Danny Canino, and Joseph Black are the four band members that make up The New Minority. The New Minority is a punk rock band that produces

Pensive Recollections

So it has come to this. I am graduating. There is not much else to say about it. Some in my class have taken to be raucous and revel in the idea that their high school lives are over, some plainly do not care. I do not know where I fit in. All I can say is

A Concluding Concert: Beginnings and Endings

On Friday, May 4th, the SGHS Marching/Concert Band, Beginning Band, String Orchestra, and Jazz Band will play various musical compositions in the gym for their annual spring concert. Thanks to the scheduling snafus and whatnot, this concert happens to also be on the last day of academics, for seniors that is. Otherwise, it is perfect

SGHS Drumline: 1st Year, 1st Place

It has been months in the making and hours of hard work for the percussionists of SGHS Drumline.
Now all those hours of hard work have been repaid in the form of a first place victory and division promotion.

Saint Genevieve Band Christmas Concert

Christmas tunes, funk, and the musical stylings of the Saint Genevieve bands in their Christmas concert.

Valiant Spotlight: Lorenzo Mutia

Senior Lorenzo Mutia is often known for being that quirky, kind and intelligent young man at school. However, there’s more behind Lorenzo that many don’t know. Lorenzo has been playing the trombone for four years now. He’s also quite knowledgeable with information because as a child loved investigating historical information and current events. He used to

SGHS Marching Band 2011-2012

They are either out on the field or in the band room almost every morning. You may see them moving quietly, playing loudly, or doing both. They are the SGHS Marching Band. This year, the Band is moving on up in terms of their activities. They will be participating in more contests and have a much