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Baccalaureate Mass

On May 3rd, 2012 the senior graduation class of 2012 had their Baccalaureate Mass, which honored the seniors lass mass in high school, as well as to bring notable achievement to outstanding students of the class. The beginning started off with singing and honoring the seniors through an unforgettable mass for the graduating class. After

Pensive Recollections

So it has come to this. I am graduating. There is not much else to say about it. Some in my class have taken to be raucous and revel in the idea that their high school lives are over, some plainly do not care. I do not know where I fit in. All I can say is

Survival Guide: SGHS

Throughout the years, you get to learn tips and tricks that will make your life easier and, in the end, more fun. By having some sort of knowledge going throughout the years, you will find that school, especially in SGHS, is really easy. Here is some guidelines that will help you cope with the various changes in your life and will hopefully make the transitions easier.

High School in a Thousand Words.

A huge tip is to enjoys the little things in life. This year, I hung out with my friends almost every Friday after school. Sometimes we play basketball at chase, go watch the basketball games at school, or simply enjoy the afternoon by doing nothing. It may seem as a waste of time but the way I see it, they are memories that I will hold. Just having the company of one another, knowing that we are not going to see each other on a daily basis anymore, makes the present that much more greater

Approaching AP Tests

As May approaches, St Genevieve’s AP students begin cramming for their tests which include U.S.History,Government, English, Spanish, Physics, and Calculus.