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Earth-Day 2012

Earth-Day is something that Saint Genevieve High School takes serious. At SG, we set aside this day to commemorate mother Earth and all that she has done for us.

Spring/Summer Fashion

With spring being here and summer just teasing us with the bi-polar weather, the new 2012 spring fashion is something popular to amp up the wardrobe for this year.

Mrs. Castro and Ms. Lecomte’s Earth Day Project.

Working early in the morning, it would seem that the sun would not be as hot. How wrong we were.

Future Lounge

Have you seen the covered open space in front of the cafeteria? Well, it’s going to be a lounge.

Soccer Update Varsity

The Girls Varsity have been on a roll! They have been winning consistently for the past few games.

To start of they won against their cross town rival, the Guards. A game that is always interesting for the Valiant community. Never, do we want to lose against the cross town rivals.

And Then There Were Two

Super Bowl 2012. Who are you going to be rooting for? Is it going to be The Giants that are going to take the win once again or is Tom Brady and the Patriots going to take their sweet revenge? You decide.