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Soccer Update Varsity

The Girls Varsity have been on a roll! They have been winning consistently for the past few games.

To start of they won against their cross town rival, the Guards. A game that is always interesting for the Valiant community. Never, do we want to lose against the cross town rivals.

Significant Moments of 2011

With the year 2012 in session, it is a perfect time to review 2011 and the many notable events that have occurred in the 365 days it held. Here is my list for the some of the most significant events, in no apparent order, that happened in the year of 2011.

Boots, Scarves, Sweaters, and Winter Fashion 2011

This year’s winter fashion is obviously filled with boots, sweaters, and scarves. But the question is, what’s in?

Noteworthy Video Games for the Rest of 2011

Guns, aliens, cowboys, cars, battlefields, worlds, magic, and other loads of amazing, fantastic stuff. These are some games to look forward to for the rest of the year. Check it out!

Prom 2011

The event that has senior’s buzzing with excitement is approaching fast. Prom, held on May 6th, is in the next month or so, but are you ready?

New Year’s Resolutions of 2011

It’s a new decade and a new school year at St. Genevieve High School. After two weeks of winter vacation, students have returned from break to continue their education. As always with New Years, students have come up with their own resolution for 2011, resolutions on how to change themselves and better themselves for the rest of the year. Here are some students’ personal resolutions:

Some students have resolutions relating towards their school work, such as Eduardo Olmos who resolves to beat his time in track, Donald Cheong who resolves to get better grades, and Tommy Rabska who resolves to get straight A’s.