Why are Some Sports More Popular Than Others?

High school, by far, is one of the greatest times for most teenagers. Throughout the four years, great friendships are formed as well as long lasting memories. St. Genevieve High School is no exception for creating everlasting memories for the students on campus. Some of the greatest memories that come into mind for most Valiants are sports involvement.

Sports involvement not only in the sense of participating in a sport but being the twelfth man on the field; the supporters of the team. It appears every year there is a strong start of the year with the high school football program. On Saturday nights, it appears that many Valiants are at Poly High School getting ready for the football games.

In the majority of high schools, football is one of the most popular sports the school has to offer. In movies (most of the time), football is the sport that is illustrated on the big screen.

During  The Fall season, the three sports that are in action are girls volleyball, cross country, and football. After asking several students, “If you are able to put the fall sports from most important/popular in this school, what would it be?” they answered either “football, girls volleyball, then cross country” or ” football, cross country, then girls volleyball.”

“Because that what everyone seems  to go to and support,” commented by Freshman Dylan. Other reasons were similar to Junior, Luis Reyes who said, “people like seeing football games, and this way the year doesn’t kickoff in a boring way.”

A more, in depth answer was provided by Henry Espana. “I see it as what people tend to go see more during that time. Football pulls in some of the biggest crowds and brings people together. same with volleyball. And even though cross country is a difficult sport, if not the most difficult, it’s not what people really want to see.”

Many times this type of attitude provokes many of the other athletes, such as cross country, to feel a bit discouraged during their season because of the lack of support.

A graduate from St. Genevieve High School had an opinion on the topic of football’s superiority during the fall season.

” I went to a few of St Genevieve volleyball games. It doesn’t gain as much popularity as football. I would always hear comments about not going to a girl’s game because it’s boring and girls cant play as well as males so they become bored, very sad to see that.”

Another piece of information that seems very interesting is that the boys and girls Valiant cross country teams took more than two years to receive approved shirts and sweaters.

In the fall season there is no doubt that football is the dominate sport, at least in the eyes of current and former students.

Transferring over to the winter season, there is only two sports that are active: girls and boys basketball and girls and boys soccer. Both sports compete at a junior varsity and varsity level. Both sports appear to have “equal importance.” During morning announcements, they feel that both teams are equally talked about is sensed. This year, it seemed that both teams were able to come onto the SGTV studio and  promote their games by inviting people to their game.

Even though attending a soccer game is difficult due to the lack of transportation, people still go to the games. Having the gym only a few feet from the school building (and conveniently located on school campus), many of people attended the basketball games. It is obvious to see that both sports are equally weighed in popularity at this school.

Towards the end of the winter season, all four varsity teams made it to CIF. However, the only team that got a rooter bus to support the games was the girls varsity soccer team. During this time, the question that kept being tossed around was, “why them?”

Some students commented by saying that because they are a part of the girls soccer team, “they get what they want.”

Switching off towards the last season of the school year, spring season, the four teams that compete are baseball, softball, track & field, and boy’s volleyball.

During this season, having crowds support the different teams is something rare to see. (This is determined based on previous years).

In all actuality, out of all the sports listed above the only two sports that gets recognition from the Valiants at school are boy’s volleyball and softball. With boy’s volleyball, the only thing to do to attend a game is walk across the court yard into the gym.

Softball holds it’s home games at Chase park which is extremely close to the school. Fans that go to support the baseball team and the track & field team are unheard of. The only fans that go are the parents of the athletes. Yes, having mom and dad at the games and meets is important but also having friends and familiar faces is a confidence booster for the young athletes.

Thus the question is, “What can influence more Valiants to attend more games such as baseball?”

One thing that could be done is offer prizes that could be won at the games. Such prizes are a pair of headphones, tickets to a Dodger/Angel’s game. The options are endless. Another could be free tacos if the Valiants win. Same goes to the track, softball, and boy’s volleyball teams and their games.

It doesn’t seem fair that these athletes are devoting many hours a week to prepare for games just so that only a few members of the Valiant community show up to support them.

Outside the courts, gyms, tracks, and fields there are other groups of teams that compete without the school really thinking too much about it. The boy’s dance team, girl’s dance team and cheer team are all competitive teams that do go onto competition.

After asking Mathew Pak, a member of the boy’s dance team, how he feels about the school’s support during compition, he answered,

“Well, in my honest opinion, yeah I do wish the dance teams can get support from the school because we’re a team that works hard and goes all year round unlike the other teams. And we won 7th out of 60 so yeah, I think we should get school support.”

One of the captains of BDT commented how when they go to Anaheim and perform, they sometimes feel down because other schools take a huge amount of their school to support. When it’s their time to perform, “they got lots of love.” When St. Gen’s BDT performs their isn’t much clapping.

As a community going to the games and supporting is something that strengthens the school and the bonds between students. As a school, we do a great job supporting teams, but we don’t always support all the teams. In the end, we need to support all, even the underdog teams.



5 Responses to Why are Some Sports More Popular Than Others?

  1. Pablo says:

    I think every team should get equal support, even though some people may prefer other sports, but every team works hard at practice

  2. eddie olmos says:

    i think the only way to get support or anyone to go is by personal invitation rather than on the announcements

  3. Salvador says:

    This is a beautifuly written article i also agree that the dance teams should get more support as all the sports should. all teams deserve the same support and recognition. p.s. i go to alemany 🙂

  4. gabriel dorame says:

    I believe you didn’t answer the question of why the girl varsity soccer team always gets a rooter bus. I mean why do they always get a rooter bus answer me that question please.

  5. Vicky Stark says:

    Unfortunately I believe that there will always be more popular sports then others but i do agree with Eddie and think that personal invitation helps students/facult come supports all these teams.

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