What is Homecoming?

Homecoming at our school is a bit different than other schools. At other schools they mostly only have a dance that is normally held at the end of the week as well as the football game.

Homecoming is meant to bring the school closer together in unity. As the school comes together, energy for the Homecoming football game is being stored. This year’s Homecoming fame will be on November 5th at home field. The Homecoming dance is held on Sunday at the end of  homecoming week.

For those who haven’t noticed Homecoming is in a little over two weeks. The first day, to start it, off is Halloween. What most Freshman don’t understand is that throughout Homecoming week, the actual school days are only half days and the second half consists of various competition events between classes meaning, Seniors vs Juniors vs Sophomores vs Freshmen. Some of the events are skits, dance-offs, and talent shows.

It is important to get involved. Reasons to get involved:

1.) It is fun.

2.) It gets you points which can lead to your class coming in first place.

3.) By working with other people that you might not have thought you would ever talk with, you might form new friendships.

The week is meant to get the school together for the one of the school’s biggest football games of the year. However, what good is a Homecoming football game without walking down Roscoe Blvd along side with friends, teachers, and amazing floats classes create with paper flowers?

“I like making the float because we get to show off our hard work on our float and the long hours we took in creating it,” commented by Justin Tayag.

One important element students might not think of that will give them points is  making flowers. Making flowers and completely covering the float is an easy way to get points. Another great way is to cooperate with teachers especailly during mass/singing practice because that’s where the points are also found.

Homecoming is a great time in the school year that just about everyone looks forward to.


2 Responses to What is Homecoming?

  1. Anne Cabangcala says:

    This article shows the true essence of what a St. Genevieve High School homecoming is all about, “unity.” I feel that this editor did not focus merely on the friendly competition that each class tends to have. Instead, he brings to light about how we should not focus on winning or losing but rather making memories that last a lifetime. Homecoming is time for us to strengthen our relationship with others just like what the article says. I agree with what Justin Tayag said about the floats. The hard-work we all put into the float is another part of homecoming that makes it enjoyable.

  2. jonathan says:

    I like how this is a perfect description of an SG homecoming for whoever doesn’t attend the school.

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