How To Scare Your Neighbors

With Halloween right around the corner there is no better way to celebrate the festive season by scaring people and by people I specifically mean your neighbors. Now, the scare tactics I’m going to secretly pass down to you consist of scaring people from either the inside or right in the front yard of your home. So if you don’t have a front yard or a house with visible windows, an apartment or town house for example, then your sort of out of luck but I’m sure someone clever will figure it out. Ok so now that you have an adequate house, let’s talk about how to scare people from your very own home.


Create several noises from the inside of your home. Definitely a lot of screaming, yelling, basically anything that screams of torture in a Hostel/Exorcist esque manner. If you have a huge window, even better since you can play around with shadows to imitate an action rather than just relying on sounds to scare others.

Relying on the atmosphere of your environment can be a helpful tool as well. Being a creepy looking old person or posing as one by getting a costume or something is definitely a plus one too.

Speaking about costumes, one of the best strategies is to sit right in front of your porch wearing a creepy costume. By sitting, or standing to those people that don’t have a nice, comfy bench in front of their porch, you can imitate a statue, tricking the innocent trick or treaters going to your door waiting for their surprise of candy but what they don’t know is that there is another surprise a coming. And yes, that other surprise is you. A similar trick is to wear a creepy costume inside your home so that when you open the door for people wanting candy, they’ll be frightened by the sight of you. Well, either frightened or amused, depending on how well you actually set yourself as believable.

Just generally be extra creepy and wander around your front yard in an eerie matter until people start to get weirded out.


Don’t hold an actual knife, axe, spear, gun, trident, or any lethal objects of any sort as a prop to your costume. Remember, safety first because then people can get scared without getting physically hurt.

Don’t follow or stalk people to their own houses. For one, it’s probably going to get the cops called on you and two, who’s watching the house while you’re gone?

And of course, don’t sell your soul to become an actual monster for Halloween because you’ll never get that cute little thing back once its taken from your dear heart.


Happy Halloween everybody! Hope you all have a great once, cheers and pumpkins and ghosts and spooks to you all!


2 Responses to How To Scare Your Neighbors

  1. Phillip A says:

    Dang I could have done this on Halloween….Oh well I have next year.

  2. Sabby says:

    Great tips. I should have remember them don’ts!

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