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After a long awaited weekend comes to an end, preparation is key to surviving the dreadful Monday morning. First thing is to try to do all the homework that is due on Monday, before Monday. However, there are many different things to do for a successful Monday.

1. Have all the homework done. Do not do procrastinate. Don’t pull an all-nighter, only if you completely blew it off until the last minute.

2. After getting homework done, put it away. That doesn’t mean throw it under the bed and forget about it until stepping into your car. Put all the books that you need for Monday inside you backpack (or what is used as a carrier) so that once the morning comes, there is no morning panic.

3. Get a good night sleep. This can’t be stressed enough. It might seem as a bromidic nag coming from a parent, buts its the truth that does lead to a successful morning.

4. If you feel the morning rush daily, try waking up a few minutes earlier. A  helpful tip is to set the alarm clock twenty minutes before you want to wake up, so when it rings you can hit the snooze button and get an extra ten minutes. It tricks you body and mind into thinking that it actually got extra time of sleep. This trick will help you get up faster then if you tried waking up on the first ring.

-Note: if you don’t have a alarm clock, it is  recommended that you get one.

5. In addition to getting all your homework and books into your bag, “pre-select” the clothes that you are going to wear the next morning. It might seem cheesy but it is a good way to avoid losing time.

6. Eat breakfast. This should be done everyday. If you have a good breakfast, you are more likely to be have a better morning and a better day overall.

7. Even though it might seem asinine, getting to school early gives you the chance to finish last minute homework, relax, or prepare yourself for the day.

Practicing these tips will help you get through the weekend to school transition, but also the regular day to day transition during  the school week.


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  1. Rosanna Eunice says:

    These are the tips I really try to live by. Then again, it’s hard to do it sometimes, especially with my family and their habit of being late. With the things I can control and I do do them it really does help out in the slightest of ways. I sometimes even like Mondays.

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