Island of Japan Hit With 9.0 Earthquake: Hope and Help

On March 11, an earthquake reaching a magnitude of almost 9.0 hit Japan. This earthquake fueled for more disaster with tsnuamis storming the country all around. Japan several years ago were predicted for natural disaster to hit and underwent great preparation. Therefore, when it hit they were read to evacuate but were overpowered by the strength of the tsunami waves.

Andrea Barrera, Junior, commented, “I was initially scared, heart-broken, and shocked. The Japanese culture and people are unique and beautiful, and some of my favorite stores are located there… It was a tragedy for this happen.”

The earthquake and tsunamis have left this island with great miles of wreckage in buildings, homes, vehicles and towns widespread. Along with these communities, almost 8,805 lives have been recorded dead and 12, 654 have been reported missing, according to a Kyodo News Report.

The aftermath conditions are proven very severe for Japan. They are facing oil and fuel shortages and to due the failing, non-respondant nuclear reactors, they have no electricity. These plants are also giving off radiation, posing a temporary threat for food contamination. This natural tragedy was so powerful that Japan’s position on the earth has actually moved. BBC had even announced that the tsunami may possibly affect and stray to Guam, the Philippines, the Marshall Islands, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Nauru, Micronesia and Hawaii.

“I have family in the Phillipines, but not only me but other people to have families there in those countries. So it is scary and nervewrecking to hear these places being in danger,” says Rosanna De Guia, junior.

One of the most positive things to gain out of this tragic disaster are the great heights many are going to help the islandof Japan. The US and Japanese Red Cross are working together to help send aid to Japan. Spefically you can: Text Red Cross to 90999 – Donate $10 to the Red Cross or visit forinformation on ways to help. Another way to help donate is through Music For Relief’s donation program: Download to Donate, who also is still helping Haiti, at There you can download an album of songs from nearly 60 artists at the price of ten dollars, and all proceeds go to Japan Relief. As well, Linkin Park’s very own Mike Shinoda has designed two shirts whose funds will 100% go to help for Japan.

Lastly, if you cannot reach too far to help, your very own St. Genevieve High School’s ASB is holding a donation box at the front office for tsunami and earthquake relief. Japan not only needs our prayers, hearts, faith, but also for us to step up and lend us their help. Act today.

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