Valiant Spotlight: Estefania Rojas

Meet eighteen year old, Estefania Rojas, a Senior at St. Genevieve High School.

For most of high school, Estefania’s talents have been hidden by her peers and high school. Acquaintances see her as a quiet soul; to her close friends, she’s a wild child immersed in the art of dance.

In the past four years, she has partaken in the traditional Middle Eastern dance style known as belly dancing. Belly dancing is one of the oldest forms of dance, originating in ancient cultures. Popularity to the craft, especially in the United States, have been due to their fascination in the use of exotic rhythms and music styles.

To Estefania, learning the ancient dance began before high school.

“I was in the talent show with 4 other friends. We decided that besides a choreography, everyone would have a solo,” she gleefully says of an event that took place in 8th grade. “We started looking for songs and I came across Shakira, I saw her videos and pretty much loved it. After, I started looking for belly dancing videos for ideas.”

Inspiration came in the form of Colombian singer and dancer, Shakira. Shakira’s signature belly dancing moves have influenced Estefania in the way that belly dancing was her calling. Interestingly, Shakira has been known as “the belly dancer girl” in school.

“Seeing other people dance has this sort of effect on me,” Estefania says in regards to finding inspiration. “I become inspired from what I’m exposed to.”

Such inspiration led to this senior to become self-taught in dancing. But although belly dancing was her main dancing style, she extended her reach to other forms of dance like cumbia, merengue, and salsa. Estefania still hopes to extend her dance styles.

But we really want to know, what’s her go-to song?

“I have so many! I don’t really have a favorite,” Estefania happily concludes. “But I would have to say anything by Michael Jackson, Shakira, and Beyonce.”

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