Warm Beverages

It’s that season again, with the Winter in full swing it takes a lot more than a sweater to keep yourself warm.  Hot Chocolate and coffee are usual and boring, there should be something more fun and interesting.

Winter in California, when compared to other countries, isn’t anywhere close to freezing or unbearable. Take Germany for instance, their winter sees temperatures as low as negative thirteen degrees Fahrenheit! While taking this into account it’s safe to assume that these countries may have some pretty smart ideas about staying warm.

A popular drink in Japan happens to be Royal Milk tea, served warm of course.  According to sources it’s easy to get hooked onto the flavor, and many visitors to the country find themselves scouring the internet for a way to obtain and consume this drink. It’s easily compared to Nesquick, it’s a fine powder and comes in individual packets. Although It’s fairly difficult to locate a seller, or a recipe, but it’s worth a shot to try. Another popular drink in the eastern region is hot Minute Maid Lemonade. Although it sounds strange, this drink is also popular and difficult to find. Unfortunately for us Americans, it’s usually only found in Japanese vending machines.

Another popular international drink is a spin off of an American drink. Champurrado is a Mexican style hot chocolate, except it contains cinnamon, vanilla bean, and a chocolate base.  It’s usually served with Tamales during Christmas and is popular around Las Posadas.

Although very popular, chocolate is not the only  fix for the chilly weather. Popular all around the globe, Tea is the obvious go-to drink if you’re looking for a healthy option to stay warm.  There are a variety of teas and they’re very accessible unlike the options mentioned above. Tea latte’s are becoming increasingly popular, with flavors such as green tea and chai.

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