Cheerleading - IT'S A SPORT!

The Valiant Cheerleaders are well on their way to a ‘cheer-ful’ year, with the coaching of Ms. Kara Ukolowicz.

The Cheerleading team just recently wrapped up their 2009/2010 cheerleading tryouts with their spirits at an all time high. Plenty of new comers from different schools all came out to show their spirit. The girls got right down to business as they stretched and taught the basics of a toe touch.  One of the most commonly used jumps in cheerleading, where your arms are in a “T” motion and your legs are split to the sides, toes pointed with your knees facing upwards. A foreign language to some and merely just a review for others.

What makes this year unlike the rest, is the addition of a male cheerleader. Gerard Portez, a transfer student straight from the Philippines is the newest addition to the St. Genevieve Cheer Team. Although this maybe Gerard’s first year on the team, he’s had experience in the cheering field before.

Good luck, Valiants!

Photo Credit: Justin Catudan

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