Was Everything, Everything everything we wished for?

Vanessa Reyes, Reporter for The Silver Script

Everything, Everything is a cliche and sappy movie full of romance, adventure, drama, and comedy between a girl with a rare immune disorder and the new boy next door.

Everything, Everything is a movie about an eighteen year old (Amandla Stenberg) who has spent her life inside an air filtered house because of an immune system disorder called SCID, that leaves her vulnerable to diseases. However, her life changes when Olly (Nick Robinson)  catches her eye when he moves in next door. Everything, Everything was directed by Stella Meghie, and was adapted from the New York Times Bestseller by Nicola Yoon.

The movie portrays a different type of  romance. Maddy, the main character takes an architecture class online since she can’t go outside. The director of the movie, Stella Meghie, takes this idea and brings to life Maddy’s imagination by showing us Maddy and Olly, the love interest’s texts exchanges as face to face conversations inside the architectural models Maddy built. This allows the movie to have a more creative outlook rather than allow her audience to watch boring exchanges of texting and typing. She shares her characters’ fantasies of chatting face-to-face in the outside world.

Maddy often thinks of herself as an astronaut, stuck in a protective suit in order to survive in a hostile environment, so, sure enough, an astronaut pops up in the face to face encounters  to offer advice and encourage Maddy throughout her journey of romance.

Instead of the throwing themselves at each other the romance between Maddy and Olly is slow paced throughout the movie which is different than other unrealistic romance movies.

That being said then movie’s  slower pace,  allows too much time for viewers to question minor details they might not have noticed if they were fully engaged. Maddy, who hasn’t left her house in 18 years, acquires the photo ID she needs to board a plane. She is also able to rent a car even though she is only 18.

A major part of the story in the book is the feud between Olly, his mom and sister and his abusive Dad. In the movie they don’t really focus on it as much as they should have. They portray it very poorly and when they do show it in the film it seems they just wanted to get that part of the story out of the way.

Many comparisons are being made with Romeo and Juliet and the movie Everything, Everything. Starting with the fact that there is something preventing both couples from being together. In Romeo and Juliet it’s the family feud and in Everything, Everything it’s Maddy’s illness.

Also the scene where Maddy and Olly are texting each other while looking through the glass window that separates them is being compared to the balcony scene. Another comparison is that Maddy has a nurse who takes care of her and so does Juliet.

Overall, Everything, Everything is a great movie for all the people looking for a great romance movie to watch. It is full of very sappy and cliche moments that give us butterflies and help us to feel warm inside.

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