Class of 2018 Takes the Lead

Vanessa Salazar a Reporter for The Silver Script

From attending a class retreat and being anointed on Junior Ring night, the juniors geared up to take the lead next year.

The juniors went to Mater Dolorosa retreat center spending the entire day at the retreat and arriving back to St. Genevieve that night on May 30th.

The retreat was led by the juniors who attended Kairos this past April and each junior leader was put in charge of a small group.

Both leaders and teachers spoke about different topics such as forgiveness, support and open mindedness, leaving a strong message for the next senior class to take on for next year.

“The purpose [of the retreat] is to hopefully build community and  create that spark of fire that the students will want to take on  for next year to make their senior year one of the best years of their high school career,” said the junior class advisor Ms. Rosales.

From playing group games, writing to each other, and having mass, the retreat left many in feeling closer together.

“Overall it was a good experience like we all got to get closer to one another,” said junior Vanity Orduno  “But I got to get closer with some people that I lost contact during freshman year.”

On Thursday night, the juniors dressed up and got ready to promise St.Genevieve something, which they will fulfill in their last year as a Valiant.

The night began with mass and halfway though, each junior went up to the microphone.

“I promise to try my very best no matter what the obstacle may be, to be open minded and to have a positive outlook,” said junior Catherine Navarro, in the promise she made Thursday night.

The seniors ended the night with the song  from their freshmen year theme,One moment in Time, which brought memories to many and hope for a memorable last year of high school.

“I feel very prepared and very excited for my senior year” said junior Chris Sahagun. “ I can’t wait to officially become a senior next year… to graduate and to experience it with all my good friends that I’ve made these last 3 years.”


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