The New ASB Leaders

Aileen Franco Reporter for The Silver Script

Featuring the most candidates that St. Genevieve has had in a long time, the school has elected a new ASB team for the upcoming school year.

Elizabeth Sotoj, ASB’s moderator since 2013, was pleasantly surprised by the candidates who ran.

“I have been blessed with being able to teach these students and I think that’s been a really great, to see how they’ve grown over the years,” said Sotoj.

Not even a week after being elected and ASB took charge of  Junior Retreat and the Senior Anointing Mass. They have also been working on plans for next year.

“We’re going to try to get some pep rallies and dances done so that we can bring everyone together,” said Smets.

Mele Tuifua and Anthony Smets, the President and Vice President, are planning to make next year  a year of unity.

“Between us four we’ve established what we need to do to finish off this year and continue onto our year,” said Tuifua.

While ASB is mainly known for only being active during homecoming and prom, they are looking to change that image in the upcoming school year.

“We have to be strong minded, strong willed, and work hard and together to see where we go from here, but I’m very confident in our school,” said Tuifua.

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