Valiants Learn About the Armenian Genocide

Vanessa Salazar Reporter for The Silver Script

On an early Friday morning, the St. Genevieve community walked from school to The Plant to watch a movie called The Promise based off of the Armenian Genocide.

As grades were called one by one, teachers and students made their way to the theaters and by 9am, the Valiants quickly filled two theaters and the movie began.

Originally the field trip was just for the sophomores, but Mr. Horn and the administration thought the movie would be a good opportunity and learning experience for all students.

Although the movie centered around a love story, it revealed real life events, stories and images from the Armenian Genocide.

Religion teacher Mr.Dinkha, who originally brought the idea of taking students to watch the movie, previously saw The Promise and afterwards felt moved by its message and depiction of the Armenian Genocide that is still unrecognized by countries like the United States.

“The movie deals with the Armenian Genocide and little is known about it in our school despite the fact we have Armenian students, faculty and staff so I wanted to show my appreciation for  the history by taking students to watch the movie,” said Mr.Dinkha.

Armenian students, faculty, and staff  proudly attended the movie that represented their history.

“I remember during the march that we [Armenians] have and people asked me ‘what do you guys march for‘ and I get tired in a way and I don’t know how to keep explaining it since I’m marching for what my people went through and the struggles they faced,” said junior Kayla Tulakyan. “ People were able to learn about what happened  [and] even though it revolved around the love story, they still got to a lot about it.”

The event informed students not only of the Armenian Genocide, but it reminded students that each person has a journey to get to where they are today.


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