The Softball Team Hit Some Home Runs this Season

Fatima Hernandez Reporter for The Silver Script.

St. Genevieve High School’s softball team made a name for themselves with a perfect record of 10 and 0 grasping the title of League Champions. This is the first time they clinched the league champions title since 1995.

Senior Co-Captain Clarissa Sanchez told her coach that her goal was to get to put up a banner in the gym.

“ When we would be losing we never failed to support one another [and] cheer each other on to come out on top,” Sanchez said.

Over the past five years, the team has seen four coaches, but this brought the team even closer. The team is coached by Jennifer Murphy and James Coomes. Coach Murphy has been coaching for 10 years and Coach Coomes for seven.

“The seniors tell us that there have been ups and downs over the past 4 years,” said Coomes. “They have had 3 coaching staffs over the past 4 years, so there has been a lot of change for them.  We are hoping to build on a foundation for years to come”.

Something very unique about the team is how close they’ve gotten on and off the field. This year the teams national rank has moved up +676 places and state rank has moved up +64 places.

“Our accomplishments help us build relationships and a family,” said Eliza Leos. “The [Softball] team has improved with communication and the level of skill we have.”

The ladies made it to the second round of playoffs before being defeated by Century High School.      

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