Track Makes it to First Round of CIF

Aileen Franco Reporter for The Silver Script

The Track & Field team started off this season hitting the ground running. With the help of Coach Bowers and Coach Fanelli, four track members made it to the first round of CIF

“They’ve become leaders and their times have dropped, which is why some of them are going to CIF,” Bowers said.

Seniors, Jordan Blackman, Elijah Ebe, Braxton Taylor, and Enoch Waiswai are going to The California Interscholastic Federation to compete for St. Genevieve.

“The season went pretty well, everyone improved on the team and we ended up breaking records for the boys and the girls,”  said Bowers.

The team had to face a steep competition at CIF.

“Right now we’re like right in the middle, there is forty-two relay teams in our division and we’re ranked number 15 so they need to move up at least seven spots so then it can go to the next round,” said Bowers.

In CIF only the top nine teams are taken to the next round.

Senior Enoch Waiswai is one of the team members participating in CIF. He joined the varsity team his freshman year.

“I’ve improved on my technique because of Coach Bowers being around helping us a lot,”Waiswa said.

Though graduating this year, Waiswa will carry the skills he has learned with him.

“You need to be dedicated to be a track runner and it’s taught me to be dedicated and diligent in the way I work to get better,”  said Waiswa.

Although the four seniors did not make it   to the next CIF level, the team hopes to continue to improve next season.

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