Graduation: The Start of a New Chapter

Vanessa Reyes, Reporter for The Silver Script

The senior class culminated their final year with graduation making it a night to remember. Family and friends along with faculty and staff gathered in the church to witness the seniors start a new chapter in their lives, on May 19.

The ceremony started with a speech from the senior class president, Enoch Waiswa. Waiswa presented the senior class donation of  $2,017 to Mr. Horn.  The amount was to represent the year they graduated.

“I first decided to be class president last year during election time; I thought about everything I’ve done at Saint Genevieve and I wanted to do more for my school and being class president was a way I could,” said Enoch Waiswa.

Then Salutatorian, Frank Feng, spoke of life as an  international student and how he sought learn a new language.

“I can still remember clearly as if it was yesterday how Mr. Jasso and Ms. Alvarez introduced me, a timid and shy boy, to Saint Genevieve High School, a great national school of character,” said Frank Feng during his speech.

Then Valedictorian, Jordan Blackman, gave a speech about his success and how he got to where he is.

“I’m very blessed to finish high school with a 4.83 GPA and everything that comes with that, but I would like to acknowledge the struggles I’ve overcome and the mindset I’ve embraced to make all of this possible. I would also like to honor a few people that have helped me develop into the young man that I am,” said Jordan Blackman during his speech.

The ceremony concluded with a one last “Hooray for Valiants.”

“It’s a bittersweet feeling to be graduating from Saint Genevieve after 13 years of attending this school,” said Senior Emman Vergara “I can’t believe that the time has come to finally leave this place.”


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