The King and I

Fatima Hernandez a Reporter for The Silver Script

 The King and I was St. Genevieve’s first revival of a musical and was performed on April 6, 7, and 8. The musical was revived to introduce alumni to the Inspirational Building in hopes that they will join the campaign.

The King and I features a British school teacher named Anna (Judy Martinez) who comes to Thailand to teach the children of the King’s many wives. Anna encounters many problems living in the castle. From the King’s (Patrick Rhodes) selfish attitude, to the slave’s secret relationship, and her son’s (Matthew Hurst) negative behavior towards the King’s son (Posh Phanasirikasem).

The musical had a wonderful set and props. The costumes were fit to the setting. The musical numbers were very passionate and the cast was very prepared really getting into their roles.  

“The cast and crew of The King and I worked hard to make this better than the last King and I,”said dance choreographer Mrs. Brown.

Mrs. Brown has been choreographing the musicals for 14 years. Her first musical was The King and I.

“We wanted to raise the level for this King and I better than the last [and] we worked really hard to elevate it.  And I think we did it,” said Mrs. Brown.

 Every year, the musicals aim to get better and better.

“ I would say that this set is the most elaborate and dramatic sets we’ve had., so from Shrek to now the set is just phenomenal,” said Mrs. Brown.

One of the newest members to the performing arts department is Posh Phanasirikasem who played the role of the Prince. He had a sudden interest in musical performances and took a chance to be in the King and I.

“Once in my high school life I wanted to do something different not just cheer, I wanted to do something that makes me confident,”said Phanasirikasem.

Leaving his comfort zone, Phanasirikasem tried out for The King and I not knowing if he would want to keep coming back to audition for more musicals in the future.

Many students, faculty, and staff went to the musical to support their classmates and students.

“I went to the musical because I want to participate in everything my school does,” said sophomore Xena Escareno.  “ And I just found it intriguing.”

Although SG does not have the Inspiration Building yet, they are still making memories in Madonna Hall and the “King and I” is no exception.

“It’s a really strong cast and a really strong crew and they’re really dedicated and they work really really hard,” said Mrs. Brown. “It’s like the gods of theater have smiled upon this production.”



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