Opening of McDonald’s Near Vatican Causes Controversy

Vanessa Reyes Reporter for The Silver Script

The well-known fast food restaurant, Mcdonald’s caused a controversy when they announcemed  it would be opening at a location on the street right outside the gates of the Vatican.

In October of last year it was announced that the McDonald’s would be opening on December 30. Many residents and Vatican City cardinals spoke their opinion on the matter.

“A branch of the iconic fast food chain that close to the Vatican is by no means respectful of the architectural traditions of one of the most characteristic squares which look onto the colonnade of Saint Peter’s,” Cardinal Elio Sgreccia said in an interview with La Repubblica.

Another Vatican City cardinal was reported to have personally written a letter to Pope Francis urging him to intervene in the matter.

Many people asked why the opening of the McDonald’s was so controversial, since there are several other McDonald’s restaurants and fast food restaurants operating in the area. The response was that this new McDonald’s is the only one of these franchises situated on Vatican property.

The new McDonald’s is located underneath an apartment complex occupied by several Vatican City cardinals. Due to the McDonald’s being on Vatican Property, they pay the Vatican over $30,000 per month in rent.

Less than a month later, an announcement was made on Monday, January 2, saying the McDonald’s would be giving free meals to the homeless. Many people saw this as a way of the McDonald’s making it up to the residents and cardinals who were upset over the fast food restaurant opening in the first place.

A few days ago news was spread saying the Vatican had approved of the construction of another restaurant on its property. A Hard Rock Cafe on Via della Conciliazione, the main street leading to St. Peter’s Square will be built and it will take the place of a religious bookstore.

Though controversial Vatican city will be host to both restaurants this year.

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