Students Participate in a Mock Election

Enoch Waiswa a Reporter for The Silver Script

With Election season under way, Saint Genevieve High School decided to mirror the current election with their first ever mock event. Classes from 6th grade to seniors got a chance to vote in the school’s library on November 7, 2016.

“The social studies department wanted…students [to] read about the issues and be knowledgeable about them and be able to form an educated opinion about whether or not they support them,” said Government and Economics teacher Mr. Dunkle.


A couple weeks before the mock election, history teachers took time to teach students about the propositions on the ballot and how the election process works.

“It was an interesting and new experience,” said sophomore Edwin Carillo

On the day of the election, the library was set up to look like an actual polling place. Different classes came during set times to cast their ballots.

After voting, students were given a sticker and took an optional survey, adding a realistic feel to the process.

“I felt like it was all up to me and the future was in my hands,” said sophomore Steve Vasquez. “I felt powerful.”

poll-1  poll-booth-2

Selected seniors in the AP and college prep. government classes were moderators for the election. Their jobs were issuing ballots, registering voters, monitoring the voting equipment, and explaining how to mark the ballot and counting votes.

“I felt very enlightened learning about the propositions that were provided to us in our state,” said Mekhi George an AP Government student.


Hillary Clinton was the winner of the election with 68% of the student vote and Donald Trump with 20%.

“We wanted to let students feel what it’s like to vote. And we thought if they took it serious[ly] they would take it serious[ly] in the future,” said Dunkle.

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  1. MaryJane says:

    Giving out stickers was a nice touch!

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