Once Upon a Prom

Alexis Pelayo Reporter for The Silver Script

Anticipation built up as prom neared for the seniors of Saint Genevieve High School.

On April 29, the seniors, along with some underclassmen and students from other schools came together at the Skirball Museum during the evening to celebrate the seniors last dance before graduation in the weeks to follow.

Upon entering the venue, students were served hors d’oeuvres before receiving a full dinner.

There was a photo booth present, with a long line the entire night and students ran around as they tried to do it all before the highly anticipated night ended.

“I believe all the preparation and commitment was worth it because everyone had an amazing time and the decorations came out beautifully. Giving my classmates an amazing night was all I wanted, and I believe I achieved it,” said Mark Martinez, Head of the Prom Committee.

The efforts toward prom seemingly paid off according to many of the students that attended, including prom king, Joshua Canales, and prom queen, Suzy Semerdjian.
“I like the way it all felt. It was good to be with the class for one last time, having fun and being stress-free and really enjoying ourselves,” said Semerdjian.

Now with prom past the seniors, they wait for their graduation more than anything.
“I’m sad because I won’t see the majority of the faces I’ve seen for these past years ever again,” said Martinez. “I’m also very excited because we’re being recognized for the past four years of hard work, and who doesn’t love that.”

The seniors say goodbye to Saint Genevieve High School for now, as they finish their last weeks, graduating on May 13.

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