Your guide to actually doing things over Summer

You don’t have to go far to have a great Summer. Discover places in your hometown of L.A.

Hollywood Sign Hike Trial

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One of the first places you should visit this Summer is the Hollywood Sign hike trail. It takes about two hours but the view makes it all worthwhile. Though there is a gate surrounding the sign you can see the entire city from up there. There is also free parking, it is dog friendly, and has a picnic area where you can go eat lunch after.

Ubatuba Acai

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If you’re in the mood for something healthy after the hike, a great place to go to is Ubatuba. They have acai bowls, smoothies, and empanadas. The prices range from $6.50 to $12 dollars depending on which acai bowl you decide to get. The small is a great size to fill you up for a while.  It also comes with two toppings included, the toppings can be fresh fruit, nuts, dried fruit, etc. There is one in Northridge, Tarzana, and Koreatown.

The Broad

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The Broad is a great place to go if you’re low on cash or simply enjoy looking at art because admission is complimentary. It opens at 11 a.m. on weekdays and at 10 a.m. on weekends, the closing time ranges depending on the day. It is closed on Mondays. Some popular things to see while you’re there are the infinity room, however, only two people can go in at once or you could choose to go in solo. A recommendation is to sign up to go in the infinity room once you arrive and they will text you once it’s your turn to go. The wait can be about three hours at times, but in the meantime you can check the museum or you could even leave the museum and return. Another interesting thing to check out while you’re there is The Visitors which is a room with nine different screens. The artists on the screen play different instruments but are singing the same lyrics. It is definitely a sight to see and it is very relaxing and captivating. If you have eager to find out more go to,


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The L.A.C.M.A. is free if you are not 18 yet and it’s the perfect place to take the classic instagram pictures with the Chris Burden’s Urban Lights. Another attraction to see is the Jesus Rafael Soto’s Penetrable or otherwise known as the yellow spaghetti. It is another prime spot for a great photo. There is also a small coffee shop in case you are in need of a break. For more information visit,

Old L.A. Zoo

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The abandoned zoo is located in Griffith Park it is  a great place to go if you are seeking an adventure. The zoo still has a lot of the old cages and it is said to be scary, however, if you go before it’s dark out everything is visible. There is also a hiking trail and there is also a picnic area if you need a break.

Shake Shack

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Shake Shack just opened on March 15th  in Santa Monica. It is very well known throughout the East Coast and it is the only one in California. They have a selection of  chicken burgers, beef burgers, flat top hot dogs, fries, frozen custard, and they even have some food selection for your dog. They also offer gluten free options as well. Shake Shack’s prices do vary, however, they are affordable. If you have anymore questions visit,

Alani Romero reporter for The Silver Script

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