Miguel Garcia: “Stay Together, Play Together”

Through sweat, hard work, and determination, senior Miguel Garcia has transformed from from a child with a football to the prestigious Scholar-Athlete Award winner, selected by our principal, counselor, and coach. This award is given to players who have exhibited exemplary performances on both the field and at school.

Miguel Garcia has been playing football since he was about 5-years-old, which was a way to keep him occupied and active. Over the years, he has matured and has enhanced his football skills.

“I’ve improved a lot from playing as a 5-year-old in football to senior year. I used to do Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 6.02.02 PMtraining camps and at times one on ones with my coaches,” said Garcia. “I always worked hard in the weight room, on the field, or court, always tried my best in whatever sport it was.”

Garcia has worked hard to achieve what he has become today. By reaching this success, there are many things that he has gained from playing sports and working with teammates and

“Miguel is one of those teammates that comes once in a lifetime. As a teammate, you’ll never hear him say “me,” he would always be about us,” said teammate Frank Monterrosa. “Every single practice he would do it with 100%. On the field and on the court, you would see the passion and heart.”

Throughout high school, Miguel Garcia has formed a bond of brotherhood with his teammates.

“Miguel is just a really good guy and especially a really good student athlete,” said
Monterrosa. “I feel as if he is the true definition of a student because of the amount of work that he puts in the classroom and on the field.”


Teammates have gotten closer through everyday practice during the summer and fall.

“I will miss my senior brothers in football that I have played with for 3 years of high school, and we have been through a lot, especially our senior year. It was a tough year but we got through it together,” said Garcia.

Garcia hopes to continue playing sports after high school. He has been accepted to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and states that he will most likely commit to sports there if he can.

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