Panorama City Today, Tokyo Tomorrow

227 students from 109 different schools, but only two students were chosen to be a LA Times correspondent in the Discover Asia Correspondent Competition.  Senior Sonny Jefferson will be taking her dream trip to  Tokyo, Japan as she documents her trip for the LA Times.  . She will be exploring many cultures and bringing everyone along through photojournalism.

Jefferson had less than a week to submit her essay explaining where she would like to travel to and why.  

“I’ve always wanted to go to Japan and when I found out that Japan was on the list [of places given], I couldn’t pass this up, I had to take the opportunity,” said Sonny Jefferson.

Writing has always been a hobby for her and she always finds new ways to indulge herself in it.

“Journalism has provided her an outlet to really be passionate about her writing and to really step outside of her comfort zone,” said Mrs. Chang, Journalism advisor.

Jefferson continues to find a new creative spark to help her grow as a writer.

“When I go to Japan it will give me a different way of writing because I will be using photojournalism to show people how I see things,” said Jefferson.

However,  she is completely open minded to new experiences  while on her trip to Japan.

“I’m really planning on going to cultures and subcultures like the Lolita, maybe go and try their food,” said Jefferson.

Not only does Jefferson have her spring break planned out but she also knows what her life is going to be like. She wants to major in Law as well as having a degree in English while still being involved with Journalism.

“I am excited for the trip that she will have in Japan. I think that it will be a really good way for her to broaden her perspective, and really push her writing,” said Mrs. Chang.

Alani Romero reporter for The Silver Script

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