Homecoming Game

  On October 24, 2015 the Valiants had their biggest battle yet against Saint Monica and their efforts paid off and kept them in the lead for most of the game but in the end they did not prevail. With a few seconds off the clock, Saint Genevieve made a touchdown in the first quarter but did not receive the extra point. 

   The sidelines were quiet and Coach Billy Parra was yelling, talk of the game was not allowed because the boys had been currently in the game.

     “I think the crowd we had made us play way better at first but as soon as the other team scored everyone started giving up,” said  Dyntaie Lee Varsity football player.

  Though the team was losing the senior players encouraged the team to continue to fight.

  Jonathan Prado, another varsity player said, “The seniors gave us positive energy and they motivated us a lot and when we went into halftime time we didn’t have enough  energy as we needed going back into the game, but we still played our hardest”

Alexis Pelayo Reporter for The Silver Script

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