Homecoming Day 5

The annual seven days of homecoming festivities at St. Genevieve High School once again took place during the week of October 19-25. The annual powder puff game and cheer-off, homecoming mass and homily delivered by guest speaker Darryl Strawberry took place on Friday.

For the first event, all four grade levels piled into the corners of the field in anticipation of the upcoming competition. Students from every grade level cheered on their female classmates as they fought to win the football game. After the game, a spirited group of boys from each class participated in a cheer-off.  

“ I think it was really fun, especially the fact that guys and girls get to change roles,” said Sophomore, Fatima Santimaria. “It’s so entertaining watching the guys try to cheer and them agreeing that cheer is a lot harder than they had thought is great.”

At the end of it all, the senior class arose victorious.

After all the outdoor activities took place, the students settled into the gym for the homecoming mass.

The varsity football led the school in singing about strength, power and love.

In addition to the mass, special guest Darryl Strawberry delivered the homily. Darryl Strawberry is well known for his baseball career, which included winning the World Series 4 times and being selected as the All Star baseball player 8 times.  But, instead of coming with messages and information of his baseball career, Strawberry came with messages of God.

“ My brokenness lead me to God, I wanted to know what my purpose was and why I was created so I turned to God,” said Strawberry.

This special homily came off as inspirational to many students.

“ I thought it was really inspiring how he had been through so much yet God was there to guide him into a better place,” said Sophomore, Alexa Ortega. “It gives everyone a sense of hope for the future if you don’t necessarily feel like everything is perfect right now.”

After finishing his homily, the entire St. Genevieve community stood and gave Strawberry a round of applause.

The homecoming mass concluded with everyone singing the annual homecoming song, “Back Home Again”

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