Homecoming Day 2: The Competition Continues

A bright, white-lit gym on a sunny Tuesday afternoon filled the place with heavy loud screams and people wearing various kinds of clothing. The second day of Homecoming week started off with small class hours, and generous activity hours. The day’s activities included music practice, flower power hour, and extreme musical chairs.

The Valiants headed to the gym for the first activity of the day which was music practice. Students competed against one another for the loudest class who sings the songs for the Mass on Friday October 23. However, the next activity started a bit differently.

This year, Saint Genevieve added a new activity to Homecoming, which was flower power hour. With lack of people going to flower parties after school, it was decided to add this activity to help each class to have more flowers for their floats. So instead of gathering in the gym from lunch, each class gathered in their assigned classroom to make flowers. Classes competed for the most fastest and most amount flowers made. It was reported that the Juniors were taking the lead in the middle of the activity.Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 8.04.16 PM

The day continued with extreme musical chairs which included the elementary school. Two participants from each grade took part in the game. From Kindergarteners to Seniors in High School, each had their own set of game ending in laughter and cheers. In the end, the Seniors took victory in the High School.

“I really like today,” said Senior Ryan Xu. “It was amazing and I like how crazy it gets because it gets me hyped up.”

Many had their own share of enjoyment towards the activities. Everyone screamed at the top of their lungs to show their Homecoming spirit and cheered for one another.

“Today was a lot of fun,” said Sophomore Catherine Navarro. “I enjoyed the activities a lot but I like yesterday’s activities especially the tug of war. [I am] definitely looking forward for tomorrow.”

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