Homecoming day 1: Starting the week off right

Kicking off homecoming week with flash mobs and tug of war was a success and had everyone at the edge of their seats to see who will win. The gym was filled with valiant spirit as everyoneScreen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.06.43 PM supported their class through the chaos of it all. Faculty and students were pumped to start the first day of homecoming. What better way to start of the week with a little competition and the excitement of it.

Everyone was ready and eager to let the homecoming activities begin. Throwback 97-99, Paradise Island, Greaser Land, Winter Wonderland, Medieval times and Neverland had today looking like a burst of colors and themes. ASB started it off with prayer along with The Cupid Shuffle to begin the flash mob. The little ones had the gym  n awe as they danced to “Uptown funk” showing off their moves to everyone. The first day of homecoming and the freshman brought in the energy as  they circled around each other to dance to Superman.

The  favorite activity of  today  Tug of war, brought in the tension and ultimate competition from everyone. The students who were apart of it were ready to go and confident to win it. The classes cheered on their classmates as they pulled the rope with all their strength.  Freshman vs Seniors and Sophomores vs Juniors pulled through but eventually the Juniors and Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.07.09 PMSeniors got the big win. There was falling, and laughter throughout the gym but all had great sportsmanship.

Now it was the Faculty against the Seniors and  then the faculty would go again against each other. Sorry Seniors, but the Faculty got this win. Now the faculty against each other got everyone in the gym on their feet shouting and cheering them on. It went back and forth with both sides as they pulled with all they have to beat each other but only one could win. Coach Collyer was in front of  his side and he gripped his feet as he pulled and pulled to get the rope to his side.

“I think it was better than I expected because everything was really welcoming and energetic” said freshman Daniella Bonalos “my favorite part of it was seeing the different grades and teachers playing tug of war”

Overall, the first day of homecoming was a huge success and everyone loved it. There was so much excitement going on throughout the whole event from everyone including the Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.07.29 PMelementary. They just couldn’t get enough of all the action and competition. Everyone was full of energy shouting and stomping their feet on the bleachers. The first day pumped everyone up for the upcoming activities later on this week.

“Today’s homecoming was really cool ou know there was a lot of energy and I think personally our class did pretty good because we got second place” said sophomore Isabella Gomez “honestly I  expected it to be a little less exciting than last year because it was my first year but it was great”

We ended things of with Seniors in 1st place, Sophomores in 2nd, Juniors in 3rd and Freshman in 4th place but everyone did great and have time to get more wins later during the week

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