Alessia Cara: Four Pink Walls Review

   It all started with a YouTube channel, over a dozen covers, and thousands of views. Alessia Cara began her career as a musician like most others have started theirs, but what separates her from the rest are her killer vocals. In her new EP Four Pink Walls, she conquers growing up and finding out who she is while hitting most of the high notes.

   Clad in black skinny jeans and a flannel, Alessia looks like your average girl, and there does not seem to be much that stands out about her. With songs titled I’m Yours and Seventeen you would assume that she is like every other teen pop sensation that sings about heartbreak and all the problems about wanting to grow up. Part of that assumption would be correct. She is singing about exactly that but she is adding a soulful flare to it, with her vibrato that leaves your ears ringing, and not in a bad way. What would be wrong about the assumption is saying that she is like everyone else. Although she falls into the typical heartbroken teenage girl stereotype, her voice sets her apart from others. Her upbeat and catchy songs hint at pop, but at other times they hint at R&B due to her soulful voice and slower tempos in other songs.

   Island Def Jam Records signed Alessia as well as many other well known artists like Leona Lewis, Big Sean, and even someone who also made their start on YouTube, Justin Bieber. This record company allows Alessia the freedom of her voice and words, and because of them, she has produced popular songs like Here and Four Pink Walls. Both songs sound distant and mostly based on the background beats. In Here, she sings out “Really I would rather be at home all by myself, not in this room with people who don’t even care about my well being.” This lyric shows her maturity as she cares about who she surrounds herself with and she is realizing things about herself that she may not have known before. In Four Pink Walls she channels her inner Amy Winehouse with her shaky vibrato and with the way she reaches both high and low notes.

Alessia Cara is definitely a singer that you would want to follow because of the potential her voice has, but she can easily fall into the ways of a stereotypical pop star with repetitive lyrics and expected songs coming from a person her age. Her maturity shines through the songs, but her age may also cause her to spiral into the same routine of the same songs. Alessia exceeded expectations but she isn’t quite at the point where she can completely know who she is, but after all, she has a long road ahead of her.

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  1. Maria ortiz says:

    Very interesting,I’m going to look her up

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